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Friday, September 26, 2008

The De-Liberative Definitive Presidential Debate Review

They both suck donkey dick.

I hadn't done enough drugs, so I couldn't take it. Literally. I could feel I.Q. points being sucked out of my skull as I listened.

I don't know what mixture of meth, coke, smack, ibogaine, weed, alcohol and glue huffing it takes to take either of these guys seriously. Maybe enough Valium to render me unconscious would have allowed me to leave the TV turned on, but the hangover from that stuff is wicked.

I kept turning it on, listening for like 45 seconds, saying "Fuck you" to whichever one was speaking, then turned it off again.

Then I found this at Angry Bear:

Awkward Loan Interview

So I watched it. Then I went to Comedy Central and watched some more.

That's the Liberative Debate Report. Hope you liked it.


OBloodyHell said...

The Palin interview is going to be a lot more interesting.

Not because I really think it matters to me -- I wouldn't vote for Obama unless I had a Death Note in my hands.

But it may be a turning point in this election, because it is either going to show that Palin is ready for prime time (unlike Tina Fey, ar ar) or whether she's likely to be a political footnote like Ferraro.

If the Polar Bear waltzes well, the bounce McCain gets, along with the hopefully smoothed results of the current financial crisis that appeared to begin today, may well put him over the top. If she does poorly (actually poorly, not merely savaged by an increasingly obviously partisan media) then that will allow the crisis to have put Obama over the top.

bobn said...

I hope to be able to tolerate this one better. Maybe some Xanax will help.

I'm leaning toward McCain, though his performance art piece last week about the bailout bill was discouraging. I hope Palin does well.

It's simply amazing how many times the SNL Palin bits get replayed on the "news" channels. Nosiree, no media bias there.

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