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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Liberal Values: WTF?

Why is it a liberal value to promote illegal immigration and grant amnesty to 12 million (or is it 20 million) illegal immigrants, many of whom we will then have provide with public aid?

Why is it a liberal value to pretend that taking 12 million (or is it 20 million) illegal immigrants and making them in any way legal is not in fact amnesty? Once their illegal presence is forgiven, the amnesty is granted - the fact that they aren't yet citizens has nothing to do with it.

Those of us here legally will end up paying for people who are now here illegally. That sounds like state-sanctioned robbery to me.

Why is it a liberal value to prevent people from having the means of effective self-defense? Yes, I refer to gun control.

Why is it even more of a liberal value to, in particular, deny poor people the right of self-defense? Often, they are the ones who need it most.

Self defense for all people would seem to be something that liberals would value greatly. What is it that they value more?

In particular, why do liberals, when paying lip service to the Second Amendment, always talk about hunting, but never about defense? The Second Amendment does not talk about hunting but explicitly does talk about defense.

Why is it a liberal value to exalt every culture over the American culture - which, with all its faults (and there are many), has still made more people free and prosperous than any other?

Friday, April 25, 2008

What is it that is conserved by the "Conservative" Bush?

If Bush is a conservative, then I have to assume that being conservative is about letting the world slip through your fingers. What has he conserved?

  • Money? No, he has doubled or tripled the debt (not the deficit, but the debt).
  • American lives? No, he missed all warning and signs of 9/11, then launched us into a war that is now called a debacle by the U.S. National Defence University.
  • Border security? No, he stubbornly resists all efforts to enhance security and does only token enforcement of existing laws against the employment of illegals. "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" has become code for cheap labor and amnesty for 12 million (minimum) illegals already here, and he supports that. (Of course the Democrats are even worse, but it's not their turn right now.)
  • Jobs? Nope.
  • The economy? No, by instructing regulators to sit on their hands during the biggest credit, housing and fraudulent securities bubble ever seen, he has left us in an unbelievable mess. (Mr. Bill Clinton shares much of the blame for this, for signing on to the repeal of Glass-Steagall, and other deregulatory actions.)
  • Security? No, the Iraq war will be used for years, in the recruitment and propaganda of our enemies as an example of American imperialism. And it will also serve as a sink-hole consuming the lives and limbs of our best, as well as untold money and other resources that could have been used more wisely.
I've voted Democrat for everything since 1980 (though this year is probably another matter entirely). But I think I'm more conservative than George Bush. So what is it that this conservative has conserved?

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I'm a 57 year old geek. I voted Democratic for 20 years, because I disliked the Republicans more. But now, nobody really speaks for me. I'm for Guns, for more correct government regulation of the financial world, against illegal immigration and amnesty. (in 2008 I ended up voting Republican - too many questions about Obama, and voting against anybody who voted for TARP 1.) In 2010 I voted a stright republican ticket because the Democrats have completely lost their minds.