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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Media Bias? No way!!!!

From E3 Gazette, we see A Tale of Two Shootings

The link E3 Gazette used has stopped working, but the story, from Winnemucca, NV, is also here:

A man [Villagomez] entered the crowded Players Bar and Grill. He fatally shot two brothers...

According to witnesses, Villagomez at some point stopped to reload his high-capacity handgun and began shooting again when he was shot and killed by another patron - a 48-year-old Reno man who had a valid concealed weapons permit.
So lesson 1: Law-abiding citizens with CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon permit) and a gun can stop massacres - as was seen last year, with Jeanne Assam in Colorado.

(Examples of citizens using gunns to defend themselves and others every day are available at the Civilian Gun Self Defense Blog.)

Lesson 2: The Mainstream Media have completely ignored this story. Google searches on "shooting winnemucca" (without the quotes) find nothing about the story and ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, CNN.com or even Foxnews.com - not one mention at any of the websites for these organizations. Interestingly enough, 3 links show up to MSNBC, but attempts to retrieve the pages give "Page Not Found" errors, amnd the google cache has also apparently expired.

Why the virtually complete media blackout? Possibly because there was absolutely no way to claim that the hero was anything other than a legally armed citizen, rather than the widely mis-used label of "security guard" which was applied to Jeanne Assam.

The "security guard" meme was wrong: Jeanne Assam had no official or profession status as such - she was just a church-goer with a CCW, who volunteered to be on watch after earlier killings at another church in the area. But the "security guard" label stuck very stubbornly - because it allowed the MSM to continue to pretend, contrary to all evidence, that armed citizens cannot improve security and prevent crime.

In the Nevada case, it was just some middle aged patron with a CCW - no way to hide or obscure the facts.

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