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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is it Naive for Obama To Meet Ahmedinijad?

Everbody on the right is all up in arms about what could happen if, as President, Obama met the madman who is president of Iran.

Could it be possibly be any worse than this? HOW?

Thinking George W. Bush can conduct foreign policy - now THAT is naive!

UPDATE: Oh, but there were pre-conditions for this - no tongues!


OBloodyhell said...

Gimme a break. One is a jerkoff, the other is a nutjob trying to obtain nuclear weapons so he can START a nuclear war with Israel.

Gee. There's no reason to see any distinction. None at all.

Gimme a break, bob.

You lose all credibility with crap like this.

bobn said...

Sorry, but in my previous post using that picture, I documented evidence how Saudi money is directly responsible for the the dramatic increase in fundamental Muslim fanatics and suicide bombers.

Fundamental Islam everywhere is the enemy. In their endless worldwide promotion of this, Saudi Arabia is at least as dangerous as Iran, if not more so. The Saudis therefore go far beyond nutjob status. They are the very root of the problem.

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