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Friday, September 12, 2008

2nd Thoughts On McCain

In a previous post I wrote that McCain was not fit to be president, based on my perception of his support for Bush actions and assertions which I consider to threaten our most basic freedoms and move us to statism.

I am still working out how the AUMF and the MCA and the DTA and the SCOTUS in Quirin and Habeas Corpus in the Constitution interact. I can say it's more confusing the more I look.

But it has occurred to me that aspiring dictators of every stripe support and impose gun control - and John McCain opposes it and, in choosing Sarah Palin, has reaffirmed that position.

Dictators don't let the people have guns - because that makes them citizens, not subjects.

Obama's views on this are well known - he'd make gun ownership damn near impossible if not outright illegal - all in the name of "common sense" while claiming to "support" the second amendment.

I got some thinking to do.


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