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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pfuck "Pfather" Pfleger

Read it here or hear it here - any way you slice it, it is a complete disgrace. (And yes, I am stunned to find myself linking to David Limbaugh on WorldNetDaily. The Liberal part of me cringes.)

Per Pfleger, white people are guilty of the sins of their ancestors forever. Black people should hate white people forever.
"We must be honest enough to address the one who says, 'Don't hold me responsible for what my ancestors did.' But you have enjoyed the benefits of what your ancestors did! And unless you are ready to give up the benefits, throw away your 401 fund, throw away your trust fund,....Unless you're willing to give up the benefits, then you must be responsible for what was done in your generation 'cause you are the beneficiary of this insurance policy!"
And the God-fearing righteous loving folks in the pews of the Trinity United Church of Christ stand up and applaud this viciously racist, hateful rant.

I'm Jewish, Mr. Pfleger. Don't talk to me about 100s of years of crap. When black folks were slaves, my ancestors were getting the shit kicked out of them by non-Jews all over Eastern Europe. But I got over it somehow.

When black folks were slaves, 110,000 Union soldiers died in action to defeat the Confederacy and keep us one nation without slavery. (275,200 were wounded.) And yes, it took another hundred years to force the damn rednecks to act right and kill the "Jim Crow" laws, but that happened and it happened 40+ years ago.

Don't look here for reparations. You rant about how Hillary allegedly feels entitled because she is white, after claiming that black people are entitled because they are black. Screw that noise.

I hate rednecks - and it seems that there are a whole lot of black rednecks at the Trinity United Church of Christ on any given Sunday. They all can kiss my lily-white ass.

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