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Saturday, June 7, 2008

How NOT to handle a gun

"Day by Day" by Chris Muir is an entertaining comic, reproduced on many blogs.

However, the entry for 6/7/2008 entry has a serious gun safety issue, so I have to comment:

Frame 1: Her finger is on the trigger, but she isn't shooting. This violates one of the most important rules of gun safety: Never put your finger inside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot. (The slang expression of this is: "Keep your booger-hook OFF the bang-switch!") See here, here, and here for various versions of the rules.

Frame 2: Her finger is STILL on the trigger, even though she is not even looking where the gun is pointed at. (The joke in this frame is funny, I must admit.)

Frame 3: Her finger is STILL, STILL on the trigger, even though she is STILL not looking where the gun is pointed at. Perhaps this position would be good for reading a novel, or getting her hair done? (Also, she states: "I know this has a hair trigger". The stock PX4 has nothing like a hair trigger. Perhaps this PX4 was modified, but let's not feed the anti-gun loons. Otherwise this will get quoted like the insane line about the non-existent, mythical, ain't-no-such-thing Glock made of plastic and/or porcelain to avoid metal detectors.)

Note: Hollywood has been terrible for this too. For an example go to TheGunZones James Bond page and scroll to the bottom. Every one of them with their finger on the trigger.


Chris Muir said...

All correct comments,Sir!

But, she is steamin' mad,hence Zed's comment...

And my thanks for posting the toon!

bobn said...

I'm glad for your input.

In many encounters, the good guy having a gun will be enough to encourage the bad guys to go elsewhere, seeking weaker prey. (This is *not* an endorsement of having a gun that you are not prepared to use, only a statement of what the statistics show.)

Therefore, we practice the rules as intensely as possible, so that even when we are steaming mad, tragic mistakes won't happen.

Anyhow, I've beaten this horse enough.

Also, I thought the hot babe was with Tosca? I've only been following for a wweek or two.

Chris Muir said...

'Tosca' was the opera Zed & his redhead wife,Sam, went to see.

It's all in good fun!

bobn said...

Thanks for the clarification and the entertainment!

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