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Sunday, August 31, 2008

All Sarah, All the Time

Can't beat this, stolen from here (this guy is so right about health care - and so wrong about Bush and the economy - it's amazing).

And you won't want to miss Facts About Sarah Palin, (loosely modelled after a similar effort about Chuck Norris). For example:

Sarah Palin’s enemies are automatically added to the Endangered Species List
Death once had a near-Sarah Palin experience

MaxedOutMama, having post-political-orgasmic flush is now watching Democrats self destruct; Dr. Melissa Clouthier has several good entries.

And Alan Colmes reveals he is slime (the latter second hand since Colmes took down the original - "Error 404" my ass!). Once again, my innocence is shattered.


goy said...

Hey bob - It's truly remarkable how much we have in common with the Linux (since 1990's) and the Open Source (ditto), and the Guitar (since 1971) and the Guns (1911, M1A) and the Target Shooting (IDPA, IPSC, SWA - years ago, though) and at the same time I cannot STAND the Grateful Dead OR The Rolling Stones. Fascinating! I used to be a Democrat. Maybe that explains some of it. :-)

You're wrong about the Bush thing btw, but it takes a while to get it: by deriding the irrational, the fact-challenged and the clinically insane among his critics, I'm not necessarily defending him. I'm defending the POTUS.

bobn said...
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bobn said...

The similarities are certainly numerous.

I came to Linux in 1999, later than many.

I've noticed the geek-musician association before. Not so much the geek-gun thing, tho ESR comes to mind. And the 2 guys that first took me shooting are geeks too....

Interesting: a 1911 and something in .308 have been very high on my list for wanna-haves - I just got started last November, so right now my collection is very small.

As for Bush: we may just have to agree to disagree. Other than appointing 2 of the justices that gave us the Heller decision, there isn't much he's done that I like.

goy said...

I've always thought the geek/music thing has something to do with a talent (penchant?) for thinking in the abstract. Just a guess.

The first sidearm I fired, during my CCW training course, was a standard 1911. I've never found anything that fits my hands better, and I've tried a lot of 'em. Plus it's hard to argue with a standard military issue that lasted over 70 years. I believe it's superior to its replacement, which I also own and enjoy. And I've always had a soft spot for the M1A (M14) as it was designed the year I was born.

Bush... yeah, he's a burden. But someone has to do it.

bobn said...

I think the geek/music thing has to do with handling numbers and patterns, but of course can not prove it. So if you hate the Dead and the Stones, what is it that you like?

You are so lucky to live somewhere that allows CCW. I'm in frigging Illinois - a fairly nice state with a liberal cesspool called Chicago attached.

There is just something special about the 1911, no doubt about it. Unfortunately the first sample I ever shot was a Kimber that didn't like me - and that particular gun still doesn't like me, though everyone else says it's fine - even though I've now shot 4 other 1911s with excellent results. So I went with 9mms on my first 2 guns.

I now know I must have at least one 1911, just can't decide which one.

Interestingly enough I've got a Beretta 92 Vertec and have gottten reasonably good, but I still shoot better with any 1911 that comes along. And the military, constrained to using FMJ ammo, should never have stepped down from .45 to 9mm IMO.

The XD45 Tactical is seriously tempting - 13 rounds of .45, same sight radius - but it still doesn't shoot like a 1911 for me.

goy said...

Actually, I shouldn't say I can't stand RS. The very first song I ever performed for an audience was As Tears Go By, so... I like their old stuff, but their last 20-25 years have been pretty sucky, IMHO. Never been a DeadHead.

My favorites have always been Jane Siberry (whom no one's heard of ) and The Eagles, but the latter are hard to listen to these days given the politics they feel it's necessary to lace their music with. This maybe because I used to totally buy into that "I'm Out On The Border... I'm Crossin' the Line" B.S. when I was an intellectual adolescent (well into my 30s) and now I see that attitude as pretty ignorant and ultimately destructive. Plus I've never forgiven them for firing Don Felder on what was a purely partisan political issue (fistfight between Frey and Felder over Alan Cranston of all people!!). These days I listen mostly to Film Scores - Goldsmith, Horner, Zimmer, big fan of the late Michael Kamen, etc. Also scores from some of the more recent FPS games (e.g., Halo 3 - excellent). I also like Nickelback, Tommy Emmanuel and Peter Gabriel.

Yeah, I noticed from your sitemeter stats that you were in my old home state, but I force myself not to gloat. I grew up on the North Side - 3700 W. Lawrence (is it still sub-named "Seoul Blvd"?) - and then up in Skokie with the Holocaust Survivors. Hey - Morton Grove dropped their decades-old ban. Maybe with Heller, things in IL will change.

I completely agree on the FMJ 9mm thing. The M9 is a fine sidearm if you have the option of 124gr. +P JHPs, but the mil. spec stuff doesn't cut it IMHO - especially compared to a .45ACP.

I was very lucky to get one of the very earliest Kimber Custom Royale models in blued stainless, and it is my CCW of choice (IWB) unless I'm wearing very light clothes, which call for a SW640 in .357 (w/.38sp +Ps). I had the Kimber worked over by Wilson early on. I've gotten 4'' groups of 8 at 25yd with it (yes, 25yd). I understand that Kimbers aren't as popular as back when I got mine, so your observations fit there. The M1A is just a tack-driving joy. Highly recommended, if you can find a National or Super Match model at a reasonable price.

bobn said...

Oh, when I talk about the Stones, I really mean 1967 - 1975, Beggar's Banquet thru It's Only Rock And Roll. Absolutley great, but from there on it's a fast downhill slide.

Interestingly enough, 124gr. +P JHP is my defense ammo, though I'll also use 115gr +P+ JHPs.

I envy your '4" groups of 8 at 25yd' - at 25 yards I'm all over and sometimes outside an 8" target. But I've only been at it less than year. So there is hope - or a 1911.

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