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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Daley v World (and common decency)

From ABC news we see:

"I need a handgun in my home," said Chicago resident Colleen Lawson. "It comes down to an issue of life or death."

In fact, Lawson and her husband do own a handgun. But because of Chicago's ban on handguns, it's illegal to keep it in their home. The weapon was locked up outside the city when three men recently broke into their house.


Minutes after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Washington, D.C.'s gun ban on Thursday, Lawson and her husband joined others in a lawsuit challenging Chicago's gun ordinance, which has been in place since 1982.

Chicago's mayor said changing the law would be disastrous.

"Why don't we do away with the court system and go back to the Old West? You have a gun, and I have a gun. We'll settle it on the streets," Mayor Richard Daley said.

Well, Richie, here's an amazing concept: as a law-abiding, peaceful gun owner, such a thought never occurred to me. We just don't think that way - it's about self-defense when lives are threatened. As much as I despise your complete corruption and hypocrisy on this issue, it never occurred to me to point a gun at you. The fact that it occurred to you appears to be an example of what psychologists call "projection".

But since YOU, the Dishonorable Mayor Daley, brought it up, bring it on! I am ready any time, any place - I am not the best shooter out here, but I'm sure I can out-shoot an ignoramus like you.

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