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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh Noes - Another Election Option!

(The "Orwell/Kafka '08 The Future is Now" graphic is copyrighted by Robert Reed and is available from him as bumper stickers for $5 each. He can be reached at "trebor1415SPAM AT hotmail DOT com" by removing the SPAM).

"We are at war with Sadam Hussein - we've always been at war with Sadam Hussein."

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I'm a 57 year old geek. I voted Democratic for 20 years, because I disliked the Republicans more. But now, nobody really speaks for me. I'm for Guns, for more correct government regulation of the financial world, against illegal immigration and amnesty. (in 2008 I ended up voting Republican - too many questions about Obama, and voting against anybody who voted for TARP 1.) In 2010 I voted a stright republican ticket because the Democrats have completely lost their minds.