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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Black Woman Tells Other Black Women: Get Out of the 'Hood NOW

Last Call To Evacuate Black Residential Areas Before The “Peace Walls” Go Up

(Note: The author of this piece, Khadija Nassif, can be seen in numerous places on her blog denouncing "Faux News" and "racist" Tea Partiers.  She and I would probably be on the opposite sides of most political arguments.

She was a Black Nationalist, until she realized that Black Men were more of a threat than an asset to Black Women here. )

You can’t optimize your lifestyle when you are living in physical danger. It’s time to face the truth that it is no longer safe to live within the so-called Black community. It’s time to face the truth that the greatest danger to any individual Black person’s life is usually found inside Black residential areas.
Most of you know this in your hearts. You might not want to admit this out loud, but you know this is true....

I’m not saying to run to or from cities or suburbs. ... ...we must run from places where there are heavy concentrations of other Black folks...

I’m saying to flee to nonblack areas because nonblacks still have the will and the common sense to protect themselves and their areas from predators. Somewhere along the way during the 1960s, African-Americans became confused about the need to defend ourselves against predators.


many African-Americans will defend and minimize any atrocity committed by Black predators. (For examples, see the many inappropriate responses to the R. Kelly case, the Dunbar Village gang rape case, the Hovey Street murders, and too many other outrages to mention.)


As a result, most African-Americans have lost the common sense and will needed to uphold safety in our own areas. We resist anything likely to be effective in fighting violent crime.

Since African-Americans have become too confused to take the actions needed to safeguard our own lives, we need to “borrow” the benefits of other people’s common sense and will. We must flee to nonblack areas where the residents have the common sense and will to do what is needed to protect themselves against predators.

I’ve also said that you need to get out before the peace walls go up. The day will come when outside (i.e., White male dominated) law enforcement gets tired of even pretending to protect African-Americans from other African-Americans. We complain about police brutality when they do respond to what’s going on in Black residential areas. We complain when they don’t respond.

At some point, the police and the non-Black (White and emerging Latino) political elites that control them will decide to put up physical barriers around violent Black residential areas and call it a day. And have the police patrol the perimeter to make sure that the inhabitants stay inside those violent, crime-ridden neighborhoods at night.

That blog post is dated October 6, 2010; it precedes much of the awakening knowledge of the racist Black violence that is springing up all over the country.

I don't know if the "peace walls" will be as literal as Khadija imagines.  But, if the black mob violence against whites continues, something will be done.  And it will not be pretty.

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Neecy said...

Hey Bob! I just realized you had a blog! Yes i remember this post and well as many others from Kadijah. Its scarey to think what will happen to these Black local "terrorists" who continue to mob all over society. They have already terrorized their own neighborhoods and now they are moving into White areas. Maybe something will finally be done. but i shudder for the young Black women who will be stuck in these environments if such "peace walls" were to ever form.

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