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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not Quite Quote of the Day....

....only because I missed it by 3 days.

From Steve Sailer: Breaking News! Pakistan not actually on our side

But the point is that we must continue to engage with Pakistan because they are the front door to the real prize: Afghanistan, with its strategically crucial resources of gravel, scree, unbridged torrents, furious holy men, gay warlords, and Pashtun proverbs, such as "When the flood waters reach your chin, put your son beneath your feet."

Well, of course.  Why wouldn't we?


MK said...

From my perspective it is time to make Pakistan less relevant. To me this means:
1. Withdraw from Afghanistan ASAP and use drones or small raids to accomplish our mission against radicals there.

2. Side with India when there are disputes between the two since Pakistan is the bully.

3. Stop all aid to Pakistan

bobn said...


I'd slightly rewrite your item 2:

"Side with India when there are disputes between the two since Pakistan is the" IslamoFascist.

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