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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Droid 2 Is Like A Trophy Wife....

...after you marry her.

  • It looks really nice.
  • When it does what you want, it's wonderful.
  • It's high maintenance.
  • At random intervals, it becomes totally unresponsive for no visible reason.
My previous philosophy in phones was small, cheap, and simple-bordering-on-stupid. 

But I saw one of these on the train, and said, I want

So I figured: "Why not? It's not like it's real money anyhow - they're just Federal Reserve Notes.   Even if it was still dollars, it would be trash.  Might as well have some fun while I still can." 

It's got a slide out keyboard, so texting is merely painfully slow instead of agonizing. 

It's got GPS and turn-by-turn navigation so - assuming I stay where there is data coverage - I'll stop getting hopelessly lost every time I go anywhere I haven't been before.

It's got reasonably good speech to text capabilities.

The screen has very high resolution so that it makes very good looking text (albeit too small for me to read).

So far I've had to power-cycle it something like 3 or 4 times.  Twice because it locked up solid as rock after it finished playing an MP3.  Once be cause it locked solid while doing nothing in particular.  Once because I couldn't figure out how to see my contacts anymore.  (That was me dealing with the UI, which is sometimes baffling.)

Most of these required sliding out the keyboard and using the new 3-fingered salute shift-alt-delete.  That's because that sequence is more powerful than just holding the power switch - go figure.

Oh well.... time to buy more guns and ammo.  Don't even ask about the 1911 and hollow-points, however.  Sore subject.  Suffice it to say that  it will be visiting its maker.

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