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Monday, March 1, 2010

Far-reaching and Potentially Devastating Ramifications

The title is a quote from Customs and Border Protection Area Port Director Rolando Suliveras Jr. on the seizure of 30 TOY GUNS.

Yes, Airsoft toy guns. Our tax dollars hard at work were, baby!

Of the same seizure, BATFE Special Agent Kelvin Crenshaw said the toys can be easily retro-fitted into dangerous weapons. "With minimal work it could be converted to a machine gun," Crenshaw said.

But everydaynodaysoff lists the problems with this "minimal work", highlights are:

  • The WE TTI M4’s lack any sort of functional gas tube which is integral to an AR15’s operation
  • The stock trigger pack in the WE TTI cannot strike the firing pin of a AR15 bolt
  • The body of the WE TTI lower is several mils thinner than an AR15 lower, and shims would be needed for any AR trigger pack to work
  • ....one of the AR15 trigger pack retaining pins is impossible to insert without major modification, and the hammer isn’t operable with the WE TTI lower.

The Airsoft gun is a plastic toy that uses compressed air to shoot plastic balls. If you could actually get it to shoot real ammo, it would be far more dangerous to the shooter than to any target.

Other than that, no problems!

Note to the Federal Government: You just stay classy and competent like this. Staying on this path, you'll soon lose even the shallow claim to legitimacy you currently "enjoy".

Per Rasmussen, "just 21% of voters nationwide believe that the federal government enjoys the consent of the governed". And, same link, "Seventy-one percent (71%) of all voters now view the federal government as a special interest group, and 70% believe that the government and big business typically work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors. "

So, what happens when that 70+ percent of people - that believe that the Fe(de)ral Government is crapola - start acting on that, through disobedience, civil or otherwise? Once that happens, the results will be ugly.

"Far-reaching and Potentially Devastating Ramifications" indeed!

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."
- Claire Wolf, "101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution"

It just gets later every day.

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Stagflationary Mark said...

You stopped by my blog and I thought I'd stop by yours. :)

'The Airsoft gun is a plastictoy that uses compressed air to shoot plasticballs. If you could actually get it to shoot real ammo, it would be far more dangerous to the shooter than to any target."

I offer a true story.

Many years ago (long before 9/11) I was flown down to a computer gaming conference in California. Microsoft handed out toy guns that shot ping pong balls. The gun was still in its original packaging. The plastic was clear and you could see all the inner workings of the gun. The security person had him remove it and hand it to her. She then fired it at the nearby wall.

Had her suspicions been correct, the blast would have no doubt killed all of us. Fortunately, it was just a ping pong ball. It bounced harmlessly back at us.

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