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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why I'm Not in the Stock Market, Part 2

At 5:06, Cramer:

What's important when you're in the hedge fund mode is not to do anything remotely truthful.
Un-fucking-believable, from beginning to end.


OBloodyHell said...

Hey, bob -- knowing your love for Gee-Dub and the Saudis, I thought you'd REALLY get a kick out of this

bobn said...


I agree that this is bad. I'm not sure whether it is as bad as W kissing the SOB, but it is bad.

It does emphasize that we are beholden to folks (China, Saudi, etc) who are not our friends - and that the trend is increasing, not decreasing.

OBloodyHell said...

Are you also aware that Michelle touched the Queen of England?

MASSIVE faux pas. When John Howard, former PM of Australia looked like he might have been doing it he got lots of crap for it -- and when another former PM of Australia actually did it from that point on they were calling him the "Lizard of Oz"...

I wonder if they'll start calling Michelle "That lezbo"? LOL.

And as far as G-Dub's "kiss", I'll take a gesture of respect over a gesture of obeisance any day.

If Obama had gone any lower he'd be finding a very atypical use for a pair of Presidential Kneepads.

bobn said...

Strangely, the article you link to as Massive Faux Pas fails, utterly, to demonstrate anything of the sort.

And I still think the Bush-kisses-Abdullah is utterly disgusting. Given Western mores, I don't see how Bush following this vile custom could be considered anything other than complete submission. Respect? Where is Abdullah's respect for Bush? Oh, nevermind....

There is so much Obama policy to despise without getting wrapped up in this minutiae - and you'll never absolve Bush. I may post that picture a few more times, just for old times sake. ;-)

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