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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama's Massive Caucus Fraud - And the Democrats's Shame

Words fail me. I'm so goddamn disgusted and depressed.

Obama stole all the caucuses he "won" in the primary. These tactics bring to mind nothng so much as the Nazis and the Brown-Shirts in the 1920s and 1930s

And Hillary had to know it was happening as early as the Iowa Caucus in January, and certainly by Super Tuesday, yet failed to make a campaign issue of it. Party unity and winning was more important than the integrity of the electoral process.

Fuck them all.


HRC knew at least as early as Jan. 23 2008, see here here or here for the letter from HRC Counsel regarding the Nevada Caucus.

See here for the details on the critical, first in the nation, Iowa caucus

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Anne said...

Hey Bob,

They also knew about Sharia-Compliant Finance, and Wall Street is all for it!

Each day we will find out a new thing that they all knew and how our fellow citizens fell hook line and sinker for it!

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